school yearbook

Creating a school yearbook

allows students to express their creativity and memories of the past year. With the help of a teacher or school staff member, the following tips will help turn your yearbook ideas into reality.

First Choice Books offers many options to meet your School annual budget from a simple low cost saddle stitch booklet to a Smyth sewn hard cover.

Our prices are affordable and quality superb. Colour printing does cost more, so if you are on a tight budget we recommend only a few pages in colour (class photo pages).

What is Your Yearbooks’ Theme?

Select a theme for your yearbook and use it throughout the book. Instead of using proprietary software to set up type or photos, the students can create their own layout using in-design. Scrap book or print projects software are simple to use for page layout as well. All photos or images should be 300dpi and needs to be converted to CMYK.

Allowing Time for Printing

First Choice can turn around your yearbooks quickly. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the time you send your print ready file to us. Our quick turnaround time allows you to get your spring activities and sporting events in this yearbook and not next year’s.

Personalize It!

You can inject your yearbook with style by personalizing it. No, not by engraving the yearbook with each student’s name. One option could be adding student artwork or poetry inside the yearbook or on the cover. Make your book unique by adding elements of family life. Have students bring in pictures of trips and vacations. Allow them to include photos of their social functions and outings away from school. This gives the reader a sense of what makes your community tick. It allows the students within the school to be comforted and visitors to get a sense of what your community is like. Another way to add personality to your yearbook is to incorporate themes. Get ideas for thematic elements from school locations, school-wide goals or school milestones.


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