TedTalks! Could this be you?

#Ted2014 - How to Spend $75B to Make the World a Better Place

We are proud to supply 2800 volumes of one book to, #Vancouver this week!  The editor all star, Bjorn Lomborg, global prioritizer, is presenting on March 19, 2014. His book “How to Spend $75 Billion to Make the World a Better Place” packs a punch as big as the cash on its cover. The collective opinions of Nobel Prize winning economists are revealed. Like all #TEDTalks, the nuggets of truth imparted here are too fundamental to be ignored.

#TED2014 (or Technology, Entertainment, Design) is celebrating its 30th year.  As the Economist Magazine states “an invitation to speak at TED can turn an obscure academic into a superstar guru and a struggling journalist into a celebrated writer,” and “TED has done more to advance the art of lecturing in a decade than Oxford University has done in a thousand years.” (*Schumpeter: Ideas ReinvenTED, March 15, 2014)

In general, like authors who are creating a best seller, TED markets both paid and free merchandise at its conferences.  A brood of minor TED events has been spawned, called TEDx, via licensing.  As the Economist describes, “about half of the speakers at each TED conference are chosen by competitive auditions that take place all over the world and are theoretically open to anyone.”

This week’s session in Vancouver includes the eclectic mix of Bill Gates, Sting, and Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut. The events can be viewed live on the TED website, for a fee.  After the fact many taped presentations are made available free online.

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