Margin Setup and Page Size in Microsoft Word

Note: These examples are from MS Word 2007, but will look similar in other versions of the program.

Margin Setup

  1. Go to Page Layout menu > Page Setup, then Margins tab
  2. Go to the Pages section and from the pull-down menu, select Mirror margins
  3. Minimum margins for Top, Bottom and Outside are 0.5”, Inside minimum is 0.75”.
  4. Gutter stays at zero. Consider using larger margins to give the book more white space, which can be attractive. If you have headers or footers (title, author’s name, page numbers), increase the margin size. To have page appear centered when bound, the inside margin should be .25” wider than the outside margin.
  5. In the Orientation section, select Portrait
  6. In the Preview section, select Apply to: Whole Document
  7. Click OK.

View Minimum Margins Sample Here

Setting Page Size

After opening a new Word document…

  1. Go to Page Layout menu > Page Setup >then Paper tab
  2. From the Paper size pull-down, select Custom Size
  3. Insert the Width and Height
    — Standard sizes: 5.5×8.5, 6×9, 7×10, 8×10, 8.5×11
    — Non-standard sizes are also available; round to nearest .25”.
  4. Ignore the Paper source part
  5. In the Preview section, select Apply to: Whole Document
  6. Click OK.