4 Steps to Success, Step 1 Strategic Competence

Each Step has its own volume, ordered separately.

Improvement of your own performance requires you to understand what the champions deliver in competitive game performance in each of the 4 Steps and set that level as at least a minimum goal.


Step 1 - Strategic Competence

So much of Strategy in any game, or any human endeavour for that matter, is based on three things:

1. Knowing what you are trying to achieve.

2. Understanding the rules by which you are constrained.

3. Analyzing the technical strengths of your team or self in comparison with your opponent.


In Lawn Bowls, superior Strategy and Tactics comes down to the following “Winning Ways”:

· Know the Laws of the Game of Bowls

· Understand the Tournament Rules

· Set a Goal for The Tournament Result

· Observe the Game Environment

· Set a Goal for EVERY Game

· Decide a Strategy For Starting the Game

· Set a Goal for EVERY End

· Use a Standard Decision-Making Method

· Set a Positive Goal for EVERY Bowl

· Play to your strengths

· Play the way you practice

· Practice Mental Precision

· Never Give Your Opponent Another Reason To Beat You