4 Steps to Success, Step 2 Technical Excellence

Each Step has its own volume, ordered separately.

Improvement of your own performance requires you to understand what the champions deliver in competitive game performance in each of the 4 Steps and set that level as at least a minimum goal.


The aim of the game of Bowls is to perform the distinct technical skills and techniques better than your opponent in order to have one or more of your team’s bowls nearer to the Jack than your opponent at the conclusion of each End.


For that you need to practice. To get really good quickly, you need to practice the right things correctly and with positive attitude.


There are four different technical skills at which you need to excel in order to find “Winning Ways”:

1. The Draw Shot

2. The Drive

3. Casting The Jack

4. The Controlled Weight Shot


The Strobe Structured Practice methods in the 4 Steps program will accelerate your improvement to the level you set as your goals.