4 Steps to Success, Step 3 Emotional and Mental Discipline

Each Step has its own volume, ordered separately.

Improvement of your own performance requires you to understand what the champions deliver in competitive game performance in each of the 4 Steps and set that level as at least a minimum goal.


“Winning Ways” for the sport of Lawn Bowls requires the athlete to possess or develop the following basic Mental and Emotional attributes:


Individual Attributes:

· Competitive spirit

· Application of intelligence, memory and attention to detail

· Keeping calm in game situations

· Persistence and ambition guided by Goal Orientation

· Stamina – as it applies to concentration

· Enjoyment of the game itself as a human activity

· A sense of humour


Teamwork Skills


Successful Lawn Bowling as a team sport requires all the athletes to contribute to a collective team understanding of the following basic TEAM attributes:

Understanding, experience and acceptance of setting personal and team goals for each bowl, end, game and competition Recognition and acceptance of the roles of all the players in the team, especially your own Developing and executing successful Tactics against the team being played

Interpersonal skills such as a positive outlook, good listening and sharing skills, willingness to collaborate, empathy