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Roxanne Hawes, a divorced woman in her late twenties who adores cooking and loves to paint, is about to undertake a major transformation in her life. In the coastal city of Bridgeport, British Columbia, where she lives alone in her townhouse, Roxanne has prayed for some positive changes in her rat-rut existence in order to undertake a journey that will catapult her into seeing the world with a fresh vision. When her landline becomes out of order she receives a visit from telephone man Lucas Tanner and is immediately swept into a romantic attachment to him. This man is the lead guitarist of the notorious White Leopard band who is continuing along on their bumpy road to fame But that romance does not come easily. Roxanne must also deal with an insecure and rather clingy boyfriend Kevin, her neurotic mother Claire, her verbally abusive father, Arthur, her sister Rhonda, who betrayed her in the worst possible way by sleeping with Roxanne ’s husband. Her best friend, Brenda struggles with obesity. Her mood varies from high humour to deep despair and she finally goes on a diet binge, threatening her health. Then there is Lucas himself, wonderful in wit, charming and entertaining, but containing a dark, wounded surly or testy side that keeps him deliberately apart from Roxanne. Then there is Jack, a physically and verbally volatile man who stubbornly refuses to let her leave the relationship even though they are divorced. He stalks Roxanne, and more and more as his rage reaches a climax, he decides to kill her. The lotus flower will only grow in the mud as its petals open one by one. The deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms. Through suffering and self-discovery Roxanne learns of her own gifts and begins to share them with the world. Then her journey has also become a celebration of life, love, art, and healing.

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