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Textbook Rebinding Order Form and Textbook Rebinding Price List – Downloads

Textbook Rebinding at First Choice Books: Reuse – Recycle – Save money – Rebind!

Rebinding worn, but useful, textbooks can be a great way for school systems to save money and put good environmental practices to use at the same time. Instead of ordering new textbooks, older books can be serviceable for several more years by rebinding them, at a fraction of the cost of buying new. And even brand new soft cover bound textbooks become much more durable with hard cover replacements. We rebind thousands of textbooks every year, for considerable savings to school systems.
Here are the steps:

 Step One:

Send us your old, worn textbooks. Make sure to fill out the Textbook Rebind Order Form to keep track of all the books (link below).

For rates please contact us by email or call locally at  250 383 6353 or toll-free at  1 800-957-0561

We can make your worn textbooks look like new!

Step Two:

The covers are removed, and the insides are prepared for new covers. The edges of the book’s pages are trimmed to remove graffiti and present a clean, new edge.

Covers are removed, to be replaced by fresh new ones.

Step Three:

The books are bound with new hard covers, laminated for durability. The rebound books look like new and will last years longer, and cost a fraction of buying new textbooks.

Step Four:

Pick up or have us ship the books back to your school. Our busiest season for rebinding is the summer, especially August. Consider sending your books in the winter, when we’re less busy and can turn your textbooks around quicker.

Textbook Rebind Order Form – Download

Textbook Rebinding Order Form

Click link above to download form. If form opens in your browser, right click and choose “Save as” and save the file to your computer.

Presto! Textbooks now look brand new.