On Demand Printing

Many writers self-publishing  with Firstchoice have questions about how Demand book printing technology works. Often referred to as “on demand book printing” or “on demand book publishing”, Print-On-Demand is a technology that prints books based on their demand.  What are the benefits of on demand printing  for new authors? On demand book printing has eliminated many of the financial barriers to becoming a published author. Firstchoice Books is harnessing this technology to offer low-cost publishing options that include the design, printing, and distribution of quality books. Firstchoice gives authors creative control and ensures that each author keep all rights. Authors can also determine the quantity of books printed and choose the selling price of the book, options that are not offered by traditional publishers. How does on demand publishing  work? Print-on-demand book technology is a modern digital printing technology that allows books to be printed to match market demand. This technology enables publishers to print both paperback and hardcover books “on demand” as the need arises due to sales, rather than doing large print runs that sit in warehouses or garages.. This book technology helps reduce costs by printing books specific to each bookseller’s order. Firstchoice uses on demand publishing technology to offer high-quality book printing to aspiring authors with no big up-front printing costs. How is print-on-demand book printing different from the offset printing ? The development of the personal computer revolutionized nearly every industry, and book publishing is no exception. Professional printing was done on large printing presses using printing plates. Pre-press work required printing plates for each spread within a book, which were then used for offset print runs. With the advent of desktop publishing and digital printing, proofs are generated quickly and books supplied within days. Manuscript or print ready files can be submitted for review and approval  quickly. On Demand quality versus Offset Printing ? With new technology there is very little difference. Digital  printing has a slight paper wave but makes up for printing smaller quantities, is less expensive and saves on paper waste.   How does other companies sales or distribution service different from yours? Once an order is placed for a book through our bookstore,we forward an email to you for distributing that book and thus keeping all the profits. You eliminate the middlemen(us and the distributor)Most companies in the USA send your book to outside sources for printing and book distribution.So you are dealing with 3 companies and a voicemail message . Firstchoice Books has real people to answer your questions or concerns immediately! Do “traditional publishers” use on demand printing technology? In an effort to reduce costs and better control inventory, many small presses and academic publishers have replaced their printing presses with on demand printing technology. POD is not a business model, so any publishing company can utilize POD technology to more exactly match its supply with market demand. The owners